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“We hold ourselves to a high standard in terms of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We want to set the standard for the industry and win awards on creativity and logistical expertise for the benefit of our clients”

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Our Agricultural specialists on our Advisory Team help farmers uncover economic opportunities at every stage of the crop cycle, from seed preparation to harvest. They advise and assist farmers in the use of farm machinery, technology, and cutting-edge methods.

River Cleaning

Our team begins, by evaluating based on the size and scope of the project. A quick response time is vital for river and stream cleaning. Each river and stream cleaning job is different; however, we have multifunctional systems which have the capacity to clean the river as well as properly disposing of the hazardous waste.

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Projects Consultancy

We begin our process by evaluating the Project needs and requirements. This evaluation can vary in style. Based upon on our Evaluation, We know the kind of Project Manager or Project Support you need based on domain. Our Project Managers are decisive, proactive and goal oriented. They will finish the project on time and within budget.

About Us

Nordic Climate Initiative at a Glance At Nordic climate initiative , We help governments and  Communities to plan, implement , structure and execute projects in the areas we operate in. We design climate sound projects with a low carbon footprint for companies , organizations and governments. We work with local communities , NGOs and other charities around the world with the goal of making lasting changes.

We employ and educate people right where we operate and encourage women and young adults to engage with us through both word-of-mouth but also through massive hiring campaigns.

Our belief is that our creative talents that we work with share our common goals in a way that is meaningful , engaging , empowering and that then delivers results

“When People come together , magic happens”

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Some Insights

2021 was an exciting  year as we had a year of steady growth with waste management projects  as well as afforestation  projects in Botswana and Gambia.

Our outlook for 2023 looks promising , with further expansion expected both in Africa and middle east with developments of new offers of services, in particular consultancy and technology driven solutions.

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Whether you’re curious about projects, a Quotation, or anything  we’re here to answer any questions.