about us

The Nordic Climate Initiative was started by a group of people that have been working
around the world for almost 45 years on issues concerning water manufacture, borehole
drilling, water tower installations, tunnel drilling, solar farm installations, massive tree
plantations, project planning, environmental toxicology and macro-economics. We believe in creating an economically and environmentally sound model that incentivises people within the communities we operate in to help and aid in our endeavour and also make monetary- as well as overall welfare -gains. We work closely with local and non-local NGOs, financial institutions such as the World Bank, aid organizations and governments for the attainment of funds and specialists, when initiating and implementing our projects. We focus on solving our clients’ key challenges of growing and achieving their goals, building their communities, and improving people’s performance.

General Information : We drive dialogue across a variety of industries, bringing specialized knowledge, best practices and unique insights to organizations working in the following
industries: infrastructure; mass-scale tree-planting, waste management (bulk and plastic), solar power solutions; borehole drilling; healthcare and energy and sustainability. We also have significant experience working for clients in the industries of: basic materials and agriculture;
business and management; education and arts; Environmental toxicological risk assessments, 

life sciences; professional services and goods; law, public safety and security; as well as science and technology.

Building Unforgettable Experiences: At Nordic Climate Initiative, we believe that when
people come together magic happens. This magic is called community. We apply our strategic engagement to build unforgettable solutions and experiences that foster change, inspire, 

educate and enhance business performance. Recently, we initiated an ever growing number of
technology-driven solution requests, which resulted in the launching of mass-scale tree planting projects that will upon completion improve not only the climate, the environment but also socioeconomically within the communities where we operate.

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.

Our Values

People Matter


Mutual Respect

Customer focus every time





Economic development


 particular emphasis on promoting the sustainable creation of
employment, particularly for marginalized and unskilled groups such as

 women and youth.

Education and Training

With particular focus on tree-planting practices, basic soil and
environmental science and technology education.

Social Development

Investing in the community by contributing economically, socially and

 ad hoc sponsorship.

“ We focus on solving our clients' key challenges of growing and achieving their goals, building their communities, and improving people's performance.”